To all those who bear interest in Deeds of Arms and Combat

The Shire of Ravenslake proudly presents:

The Shire of Ravenslake proudly presents:

The Second Annual

*Fete of the Sabaton*

Saturday August 30th - Noon

To all those who bear interest in Deeds of Arms and Combat:

The Shire of Ravenslake brings call to all Kings, Princes, Dukes, Counts, knigthts, squires and noble warriors from all Kingdoms of the Known World. Here in our humble Shire, there shall be held a Great Tournament. Bring forth your finest armaments and armours. Bring forth your greatly honed skills and bearing. Bring forth your finest threads and steel. Bring forth your manners, honor and chivalry.

This Pas d’Arms shall not limit itself to a particular time nor a particular place, though shall be held in the style of a late 14th century Pas. As much a contest of skill, this is a contest of honor and chivalry. As much a contest of prowess, this is a contest of humility and franchise.

Bouts shall be fought to 3 or 5 attempted or taken blows. The exact terms for each shall be determined by the combatants of each bout. To those who wish entry, you shall present yourself to this Shire as you will appear upon the field for approval of entry.

To that purpose, the following requirements are to be met:

You shall bear your colors and device upon the field in no less than the form of a banner. Heraldic shield and attire as it is appropriate for your persona.

You shall bear the armour of your time and of your place.

You shall bear the armament of your time and of your place.

You shall be attended by a consort and at least one attendant.

You shall be prepared with ransoms in the number of four.

You shall be prepared with gifts for the Panel of the Rose.

Lastly, you shall bear a shield to place for the lists.

In this mighty endeavor, there shall be awarded two prizes. The Award of Prowess shall be awarded to the one whom carries from this Pas, the greatest number of ransoms, and the Golden Sabaton shall be awarded to the one whom is determined to be the most representative of the trait of honor, courtesy and chivalry.

Come forth great and honorable warriors, and represent!

Requirements in layman’s terms:

1) Armour must match the time and place of the persona you represent. If you are a 12th century Norman, you will not be wearing a basinet. If you are a Japanese bushido, you will not be carrying a heater shield or wearing a coat of plates. There will not be allowed exposed plastic, except in the case of lacquered steel representation (Japanese armour, for example). Period footwear is not an absolute, but sneakers will not be allowed on the field.
--Exceptions – To meet SCA minimums, helmets with grills and gauntlets will be acceptable for any time and place.
--Other exceptions will be allowed on a very strict case by case basis as determined by the MIC.

2) Weapons must be appropriate to your persona. A Norse warrior will not be using a great sword and an English soldier will not be using a katana.
--Exceptions – Per SCA minimums, basket hilts will be allowed. Plastic basket hilts MUST be covered so as not to be exposed plastic.

3) You must also present a list shield - A ~12"x12" piece of wood in the shape of a shield with your device upon it.

4) The consort need not be your Lord or Lady. As long as you present yourself with a consort for whom you fight, this meets the requirement. You must have a herald/attendant to bear your colors and device onto the field (the banner), to assist you with armouring up and down and to announce you on the field as needed. A herald is really a great choice - there is a certain atmosphere that is added that makes things even better.

5) This tournament will allow you to present yourself on the field for a minimum of four bouts. Those four bouts will be measured by ransoms. You can take four losses upon the field. All other ransoms you receive from others are not to be given to as ransom yourself, they are yours to keep. Ransoms may be whatever you wish, but please make them appropriate to your persona.

6) Gifts to the Panel of the Rose have no specific requirement either. Just remember that they are a large part of this Pas and are part of the judges panel. Making a good impression upon them is important.

7) It is the intent of this tournament to know who will be participating beforehand so that certain preparations can be made. Those who are interested in participating, please send a picture of you, in your kit from a distance of no more than 6 feet. Please include a picture of your heraldry and it description in heraldese. If there are any changes that need be made, you will be informed.

8) Keep in mind that you have plenty of time to prepare for this, if you are interested in participating. The Tournament will not be held until Labor Day weekend 2008

If you are interested in participating in this tourney, please email Lord Kenwrec Wulfe ( both a description of your persona and a picture of of you kit. (Please make sure the pictures are focused and the kit can clearly be seen and limit the number of pictures to 3) If, for some reason, your kit is not approved, you will be informed of what changes would need to be made. August 27th is the deadline for request submission.

All Tourney participants will be invited to participate prior to the event, so please do not just show up and expect to participate.

*New this year* - There will be a Cut and Thrust demonstration during an intermission for the enjoyment of all present.

SPECTATORS – Please make an HONEST attempt at a period appearance. Your sneakers glaring from under your cotehardie are distracting as well as those on the field. Cameras and filming will be allowed, but please be discreet when doing so. Our attempt is to immerse ourselves in a period Tourney.

If you are interested in assisting with this tourney or being a part of the Panel of the Rose (women and men), please contact Lord Kenwrec Wulfe at