Middle Kingdom Academy of Defense

The Shire of Ravenslake and The Beaver Academy of Defense proudly present
The 11th Annual Middle Kingdom Academy of Defense
August 2008: Labor Day Weekend

"The Shire of Ravenslake and the Beaver Academe of Offense present the Middle Kingdom Academy of Defense (MKAOD) 11 - Ravenslake, from August 30st and 31std at West Campus Community Center (Gavin North) 37850 N. IL RTE 59, Lake Villa IL (60046). There will be classes on the Arte of Defense both Period and Society, "Heavy" combat (The Fete has returned), Arts and Sciences,Youth combat, Thrown Weapons, and Archery. Merchants are invited. This is NOT a camping event.

Site opens at 9AM Sat. Aug. 30 and closes at 5PM on Sun. Aug. 31

This is a DRY SITE. No fires, open flame or grills. Animals are allowed outside the building. Shade flys are okay.


Chancellors: Maggie of Cnoc Cait ( cnoccait@netzero.com ), Lady Metylda nic Lochloinn ( metylda@gmail.com )

Martial Class Co-Ordinator: Cecil DuPont ( cecilxx@gmail.com )

Troll: Arrienne Ashford (Marie Schorn) - ( ladyarrienne@yahoo.com )

A&S Class Co-Ordinator: Lady Phaedra de Vere ( klc011@hotmail.com )

Feast-O-Crat: Marie la Fauconniere ( MacGregorsCairn@aol.com )

Lunch: Calybrid Ine Tere ( calybird@gmail.com )

Heavy Weapons MIC: Kenwrec Wulfe ( kenwrecwulfe@yahoo.com )


Troll and Fees

Friday 6PM to 11PM
Sat. 9AM to 4PM
Sun. 9AM to 2PM

Site fees
Adult $6 per day
$10 for weekend
Child under 14
$3 per day
$6 per weekend
$3 non-member charge

Merchant Fee $5 per 10 x 10 space.
Some space inside is available but most of it is outside. Please bring your own tables and shade.

Please send preregistrations to Maggie of Cnoc Cait ( cnoccait@netzero.com )

596 Windsor Dr.
Fox Lake, IL. 60020


$8.00 - adult
$4.00 - ages 4 to 10 years

More information to come

Feast normally sells out early - Preregistration is recommended.


A-la-cart (Both Saturday and Sunday)

Site Directions

West Campus Community Center (Gavin North) 37850 N. IL RTE 59, Lake Villa IL (60046).
From 94 take 132/Grand Ave. in Gurnee Mills. Exit onto west 132/Grand Ave. Go to RT 59. Turn south/left onto RT 59. The site is less than a block south of 132 on the right.


There is no crash site available on site this year.

Hotel information:


Thorbjorn's Favor

Class Schedule: Light Weapons

If you are interested in teaching a fighter-type class, please contact Cecil DuPont ( cecilxx@gmail.com )

"Timing and telegraphy" – Master Christian Furnier

"Ve Haff Veys of Makink Yhoo Talk: German single-handed weapons" - Master Christian Furnier

"Philosophy of Fighting" - Master Christian Furnier

"Creating a melee team" – Warder Anton du Marias

"Training New Fencers" – Lady Sybil

"How to Turn a Fencer into a Scadian" – Lady Sybil

"So You'd Like to Be a Period Fencer" – Class by Lord Miguel with a Panel Discussion and period training afterward by: Sir Logos, Master Christian, Warder Adrian Fletcher, Master Kevin O'Shawnessy, Lord Kai, and others to be named later.

"The Duties of a Kingdom and Regional Marshal" - Lady Cat

"Making and Marshalling a Fun Event" – Warder Cecil du Pont

"Running a Large Melee" – Warder Cecil du Pont

Heavy Weapons Activity


*Fete of the Sabaton*


Pick-ups and Authorizations

Class Schedule: Arts & Sciences


Other Activities


Games will run through out the day. There will be divisions for both fighters and non-fighters.

Warrior Challenge

At a full run in battle dress you jump a log, toss spear into a target/window, rescue a maiden (a large rag doll), draw your sword and kill the guard and loot a castle. The order of the challenges can vary but you have to carry the maiden and the loot over the finish line. This is a timed event. The loot and maiden are for points. The time minus the points = lowest score to win.

Cattle Raids

Cows, photo copies, are give to all players when the come through troll. They then find other players and try to Raid each other’s cattle by games of ‘rock, paper, scissors. Only 1 cow can be taken at a time and you can not challenge the same person more than once in 10 minutes. Your herd must remain in plain view at all times. The largest herd wins.

Kilt a Celt

The person is given a 7 yard length of cloth and a belt. The object is to fold a kilt put it on and run 10 yards, jump a log and not have it fall off. This is a timed event. The best looking kilt to finish the run in the shortest time wins.

Caber Toss

The caber would be a 4 to 6 foot length of a 4x4 or something similar. Pool noodles if we run a kids version. Point are given for distance, did the caber flip, is the bottom pointing away from the thrower and how straight the caber lands (it should point from the tosser to a given point that the tosser was facing when the toss started).

Rapier Games

An Unscarved (meaning no Bronze Rings or Don's) show of Prowess,
A Bronze Ring Challenge